We rejoice in seeing so many of our homeless brothers become coworkers in the Lord's vineyard with us!  Whether through lending their voices in beautiful songs of praise with the Stepping Stone Men's Choir, leading some of our weekly Bible studies, spreading the Gospel, or sharing love in Christ in serving the community, these servants have received the grace of our Lord Jesus to be saved through faith and called upon as His disciples.  (Ephesians 2:8-10)

Homeless Leader Training

The primary purpose of this ministry is to train and disciple homeless brothers we have come to know through our sharing and caring ministries.  Every Wednesday and Friday, we hold sessions to train and disciple the homeless leaders.  Training has been held at churches in the Atlanta region.  Transportation is provided to and from the training sites.

Training participants are brothers with a willing heart for active rehabilitation and growing in faith.  After the training, we encourage them to serve others.  Even though they may stay in a shelter, they often have free time on the streets of Atlanta for an average of 7 hours each day.  This is a great opportunity for these disciples to reach others for our Lord's Kingdom in their daily walk. 

Rehabilitation and Spiritual Leadership Training

Stepping Stone hosts a Rehabilitation and Spiritual Leadership Training Retreat three-to-four times each year.  The program is four days long and the trainees are selected from the homeless who participate in training programs on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The purpose is to further equip them for their discipleship and service to the Lord.  Trainees engage in active learning through sessions taught by pastors and other ministers serving in churches throughout the Atlanta region.

The retreats have been held at the Daniel's Prayer Garden and participants are provided food and other necessities during the retreat.  Transportation is provided to and from the retreat.   

Fifteen retreats have been held to date.  Through these retreats, more than 250 homeless brothers have completed the program and 31 brothers have been baptized into Christ becoming children of God.

Our trainees have shared how they are enjoying their new life in Christ and feel better equipped to serve Him.  A number of them now actively participate as essential members of our Stepping Stone Ministry Team.  Others have fulfilled their call to serve in other vocations.  GLORY TO GOD!!!

Programs for Children

Many of our homeless children do not have opportunities to learn about Jesus.  Stepping Stone seeks to share the Word of God and love of Jesus with these children through whatever means possible.  In the past, we have done this in partnership with shelters serving these children.  In the future, we hope to offer programs more regularly at through our to-be-developed mission center.

THANKS BE TO GOD for the many churches and organizations who partner with us to provide food and help cover other expenses associated with administering our training programs!

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