In metro Atlanta, the harvest is plentiful...  There are approximately 10,000 to 15,000 homeless men, women, and children on the streets any given day of the week.  Approximately 50 percent live outside any shelter.  Those staying in shelters typically do not have a place to go during the daytime. 

By sharing the hope of Jesus, we seek to provide our brothers and sisters with the help they need to restore and rebuild their lives.  We give thanks to God that many of those we have connected with through this ministry have come home to our Father and are now blessed with new lives.  Some have gone on to join us in the mission field as co-workers for the Lord's Kingdom; others have entered a different vocation with the Lord Jesus by their side.

From time-to-time, we will share a story here of someone whose heart has been touched by Jesus through this ministry and is living a new life in Christ. 


Jesus says, "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." 

Gregory's Story

Ever since I was 16, I was inclined to make all the wrong decisions.  I hung around the wrong people and I ran away from home.  I fell into a lot of trouble, drugs, alcohol, and even jail.  One day, I decided to go back home but it didn't change my attitude.  

I got a job at 18 at Applebee's and eventually got my own place. The problem grew worst for me though and I became addicted to pills and alcohol.  I would spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on pills and alcohol, and I've been to the hospital for overdose at least  five  times.  On  the last time, I heard a voice speak to me and say: "Greg, why are you killing yourself?"  

When I woke up, I threw up and now I no longer have a taste for alcohol or pills.  They make my stomach sick. This is when my faith in God started to grow.

Through God, I found Pastor Song and his wife.  Since meeting them and joining Stepping Stone, I have become closer to God... And, a spirit that desires to help people by any means possible has developed within me.  

I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving me from myself and for keeping me!  And I thank Pastor Song and the Stepping Stone Mission for helping me to become a better person, a strong disciple and a faithful Christian! 

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