In metro Atlanta, the harvest is plentiful...  There are nearly 10,000  men, women, and children experiencing homelessness and on the streets any given day of the week.  While some live in emergency shelters, transitional housing or a hotel or motel supported through an organization, a number live in a car, abandoned or dilapidated building, encampment, a public park, sidewalk, under a bridge, or a similar location.  Whatever the case, they often have no where to go during the day.

By sharing the hope of Jesus, we provide our brothers and sisters with the help they need to restore and rebuild their lives - and a useful way to spend the key resource they do have - their time.  We give thanks to God that many of those we have connected with through this ministry have come home to our Father and are now blessed with new lives.  Some have gone on to join us in the mission field as co-workers for the Lord's Kingdom; others have entered a different vocation with the Lord Jesus by their side.

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To God be the Glory!

Through our Rehabilitation and Spiritual Leadership Retreats, our Lord Jesus is providing our homeless leaders with reformed, clean hearts to live a new life in Christ.  Praise God!  

These retreats are held at Daniel's Prayer Garden, a beautiful place for worship, fellowship, and engaging in His Word.  Here's what some of our brothers shared about one of our recent retreats.

  • God has blessed me with peace and more understanding of His Word.  It just gets better and better with me.  I learned more completely about Jesus, what He came to do and how it affects the entire earth.  It does not matter where you come from and what you did, God still loves you and wants you to know Him and learn from Him.  I learned that no matter what is haunting me or troubling me, or what is on my mind, God is the author and finisher of my faith.  God is in control and God is love!  (Hubert)​




Jesus says, "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." 

  • God has blessed me through my time at this retreat in the following ways.  One it has enabled me to fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ in an environment that is conducive for worship.  Two, this retreat has placed me in an environment that is serene and cut off from the world whereby allowing me time that is necessary to reflect on what is important through God’s perspective.  I have learned the following at this retreat.  One, I have learned that I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.  Two, I have learned to let go of past mistakes and not let it weigh down my progress.  I have learned to repent and move on. Three, I have learned to focus on God.  (Oludare)

  • Through the Bible study, it was confirmed in my spirit that God has no regrets even of me.  Through my chronic depression, heart ache, physical pain and just all together brokenness, that despite all that I was still chosen.  I came here to talk to God and to be spoken to by God.  This was my desert experience and I enjoyed it greatly.  (Robert)

  • God has blessed me through my time by coming into my heart and bringing me to something that I have never experienced before.  This experience is also something that I did not see coming in front of me.  There is a reason why God has brought me here and I am for happy for what He has done.  (Tony)

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