Through the grace of God, we are ambassadors for Jesus in connecting our homeless brothers and sisters with Him and with each other.  Our homeless brothers and sisters share a sense of community set apart from the streets, centered in Christ, and designed for spiritual transformation.  They have discovered that God's love unites us, His children, across social barriers as we grow together into the fullness of Christ.  

Our homeless leaders serve as Christ's disciples in their mission fields, which include area shelters, public parks, under bridges, and the streets.  In addition to joining us for our weekly Bible studies, weekend serving times, and other times of worship and fellowship, our brothers begin their mornings in prayer together and continually support each other through the course of their ministries.   Our Lord Jesus is clearly empowering our brothers through this body building in His Word to live a new life in Christ!

A number of our brothers serve with our Stepping Stone Choir Team and share the Gospel through their gift of voice with brothers and sisters in congregations throughout metro Atlanta. 

Stepping Stone Choir Team

Here are some videos of our brothers rejoicing in the Lord!

Next Steps

By God's grace, our Lord Jesus is growing Stepping Stone into a strong and connected family in Christ.  We give thanks to God for our sister churches who have joined us in the Lord's work, enabling us the use of their sanctuaries and facilities for our weekly Bible studies and other programs.  We are prayerful about what the Lord will do for us next, and are currently feeling led to work on the following next steps:

  • Development of a Saturday Church Service to provide our homeless brothers and sisters with a weekly opportunity to partake in confession and absolution, receive His Word, give thanks to the Lord, and engage in fellowship in Christ and with each other.

  • Acquirement of a housing solution for our homeless leaders.

  • Development of a mission center to serve as the basis for our operations.

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